A Whole house fan is a large exhaust fan mounted in the ceiling/attic to evacuate heat from the house and attic. How does a Whole House Fan work? Whole house fans are designed to replace the warm air in the house with cooler outside air.


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Sep 28, 2015 · The one you picked is for a 1/4 hp motor. I'm not sure what size your whole house fan is, but I thought most of them were 1/3 horse. The reason that the watt or amp rating of the switch appears to be higher than the horsepower rating is …

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To qualify for the whole house fan credit the installed whole house fans must have been certified to the Commission to meet the necessary requirements. If so, it will appear on the Commission’s list of certified whole house fans.


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Installation Experts: Since QuietCool was first invented in 2003, we have been installing them in as many customer’s homes as we could.We fully stand behind the QuietCool whole house fans as the best whole house fans on the market. Commitment to Quality: As a company, we have a strong commitment to having the highest quality …


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The HV3400 whole house fan combines the ease of installation and the efficiency of operation of motorized insulated doors with an energy efficient, large diameter fan to produce a remarkably quiet whole house fan that closes and seals when it …


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Whole house fans come in a variety of sizes, determined by the amount of air they circulate, or whole house fan cfm. Having an understanding of this makes choosing the correct fan size for your home an easier process.


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A whole house fan is typically placed inside the attic floor of your home, but it is not an attic fan. Attic fans, which may be better known, only focus on pushing the hot air within your attic to the outside.


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Whole house fans can be very effective in cooling down a house in the morning and evening hours. In some parts of the country they can be a very inexpensive alternative to central air. Whole house fans typically have some type of louver and/or insulated door that closes when the fan is shut off.


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Our heavy duty state of the art spun aluminum fan housing is significantly stronger than the those of similar style whole house fans which often weaken over time causing the fan blades to hit the side of the housing.


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Whole House Fans: When these things aren’t working well enough and you want a simple fix for the problem a Whole House Fan may be the answer. Whole House Fan are common the the mid west and south and they …