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Several whole-house fans use a remote fan connected to the plenum box with flexible ducting, which is a great acoustical attenuator. Pulling air through a duct consumes extra electricity, a consideration when you’re weighing energy use.


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The HV3400 whole house fan combines the ease of installation and the efficiency of operation of motorized insulated doors with an energy efficient, large diameter fan to produce a remarkably quiet whole house fan that closes and seals when it …


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Shop exhaust fans, industrial exhaust fans, circulator fans, explosion proof fans, portable fans & blowers. Great brands like Quietcool, RamFan and TPI corp.


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Whole house fans vs. attic fans A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling of a home and moves air from the living space into the attic. It forces hot air out of the attic and pulls cooler air from the outside of the house into the living space, which is ideal for people who come home to a hot house when it is cooler outside.


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Whole house fans can be very effective in cooling down a house in the morning and evening hours. In some parts of the country they can be a very inexpensive alternative to central air. Whole house fans typically have some type of louver and/or insulated door that closes when the fan is shut off.


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Most Effective Usage. Attic fans are most effective during the hottest part of the day, and they are usually controlled by a timer, thermostat 2, or humidistat.In contrast, whole house fans are most effective in the cooler temperatures of the evening and early morning.The ideal temperature outside is at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit below the …

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Superfan Inline Whole House Fan. The Superfan™ is Sold Out! An Innovative break though in Whole House Cooling, it's the "Ultimate Cooling Machine". Simply unrivaled in its class, it's the best inline whole house fan available to the consumer today. A bold claim - but we know that it is true.


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Click Whole House Fan or Powered Vent/Attic Fan to learn more about these highly efficient, affordable and practical cooling solutions. CHC is proud to sell both Triangle Engineering and QuietCool Whole House Fans.


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Triangle Whole House Fans and Shutters Are Used As An Economical Way To Cool Residential Or Industrial Spaces. Triangle Whole House Fans and Shutters are made of heavy gauge steel welded construction and rubber mounted, sealed fan shaft bearings to provide long lasting durability.

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Whole House Fans Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. They are often used to augment air conditioning or instead of air conditioning in mild summertime climates.